I just have to gush for a minute or two. I am getting such positive responses and encouragement from my families about my new centers and classes. I have to give up teaching at an Evanston location in order to focus on my centers and my families there are all bummed about that--but even so, they're so darned supportive for me and my new endeavor. It's just touching, I don't have a better word for it at the moment (although I'm 85% sure there IS a better one). Gosh, I know a lot of nice people, how cool is that?

I have this habit of calling my families, well, "my families". I guess I take this teaching thing kind of personally. I think of my classes as big family gatherings. (Some classes with long-time-attending families have become sort of their own "family" group, friends who start hanging out together in other locations besides music class.) Big, fun family gatherings, mind you, not those tense kinds of gathering that you see enacted in plays and movies and such.

So, anyway, to all my families that have been encouraging me and my new centers, thank you, thank you, thank you.