Well, here I am. After teaching MT for ten years at other music schools, working for other center directors, and saying to my families countless times, "Y'know, If this was MY center, here is what I would do...", I am no longer in a position to say "If" but instead I must fess up and preface pronouncements with "This IS my center, here is what I AM going to do". The biggest change, so far, is that I now make my pronouncements to an empty room or send them off to an oblivious cyberspace. I have actual flesh-and-blood-and-smiles families over at the music schools. Nobody here yet, except me, and I don't have the prerequisite young child anymore. So why am I making the leap into this entrepreneurial role where I don't know anybody (because, as of today, there isn't anybody to known)? Partly because I am being kicked out of the comfy nest at the music school. (Ahhh, how spring like! Out of the nest like a new-born chick, winging to freedom.) Mostly because I've sorta, kinda, shoulda wanted to do this ever since the first time I said to some of my families, "Y'know, if this was MY center....".

Now it's my center.