Mr Mark's Music Together® offers Family Music Classes for Young Children and the adults who love them in six convenient Lake County locations.


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All children are musical. So is yours!

You have a primary role in nurturing the
musical growth of your child.

Attend Music Together classes to build on
your child's natural enthusiasm for music
and movement.

Your child will love being in a music class--especially a music class designed for your
child's age and temperament.


Mr. Mark's Music Together Classes Running Now!  Ten fun-filled weeks of singing, clapping, moving, instruments. . . a fun (and beneficial) way to spend time with your child
that carries into your day!

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 To learn more about the benefits of music instruction for small children watch Mr. Mark in this informative, entertaining video.





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Recent News

Aug 15, 2016
We're In Lake Forest!

Mr. Mark is soooo happy!  He is now offering classes in not just one, but in TWO Lake Forest locations.  Mr. Mark is proud to be able to offer classes in more locations convenient to so many families with young children.  Starting this fall on Music Together will be at LoMastro Performing Arts Academy on Tuesdays and at the Montessori School of Lake Forest on Saturdays!  Check out the details in our class listings!

Jan 02, 2016
Music Science

The Importance of Making Music at Home... highlighted out by a recent study by researchers at the University of Queensland (Australia). They found "that music participation at home improves numeracy, prosocial skills and attention." They found, further, that these improvements are "over and above the effects of shared book reading."

Children who experienced more frequent parent-child music activity at two to three years showed stronger vocabulary and numeracy skills, more prosocial skills and stronger abilities to regulate their own attention and emotion at four to five years old.” --Professor Margaret Barrett

You can check out the research for yourself here:

Music Together actively encourages families to make music at home. Active participation in home-based (and car-based) singing, dancing sessions, jams, and general musical mayhem is not only a lot of fun and contagious, it is--like eating your greens and exercising regularly--really good for you, and especially good for your child!

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